Australian Bushfires – Our Tribute to the Firefighters

This week has been a particularly sad one for our beautiful country, Australia. This time last week we were all happily going about our daily lives, settling into school and never realizing how one day could make such a difference. On Saturday the 7th of February and into the next morning  under temperatures of around 116 F or over 46 C disastrous bushfires struck our state, Victoria. At least 181 people lost their lives as the fires raced as fast as 120km or 74mph consuming almost everything in their path. There is an overwhelming feeling of sadness in our communities. Our thoughts are with the families who lost their homes and loved ones.

We have a beautiful new display cabinet in our school foyer.Today it proudly displays a fire fighter’s helmet and a yellow flower of rememberance and gratitude. Our students had an “out of uniform day” and paid for the privilege. Our school population was so generous in its support that the office staff are still counting.  PS The total for today was $3766.15  and more is promised next week.