Week 1 – verdict “Enjoyable”

Our students returned to school  for 2009 on Monday Feb 2nd so we’ve had a week of Specialist classes already. Our school population stands at 612 divided into 26 classes from K-6. Highlights of  this week  have included making large papermache Birthday cakes for our school’s 20th Birthday (Grade 3) and painting the Waterlilies pond in the style of Claude Monet (Grade4). Grade 6 students are working with pattern to illustrate their name. Because they are still works in progress I am posting some work displayed at the Childrens’ Gallery at art supplier Zart. I took the photographs when Glenys and I went Art shopping last Friday on a 45C (113F day). Zart’s owner, Rex, said he welcomed the posting of Gallery photographs so I am adding a selection from Melbourne students in Year 8 at ICA Casey College.