Sleeping Beauty @ Taylors Lakes PS

Today I am posting one of the 217 photos I took at the performance at our school of “Sleeping Beauty” by Alpha Shows.The costumes and sets were outstanding and the actors talented and amusing. The audience participation, which was encouraged, made for a delightful show which will long be remembered by our students and teachers. Best Wishes to all our students and staff for a fun filled school holiday. School begins for Term 4 on Monday, October 10th.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty @ Taylors Lakes PS

  1. Hello Jenny,
    Yes, it was a wonderful show. I enjoyed Sleeping Beauty and I was pleased when most of the photos came out well. I will try to add some more over the next few days. I have extended the Comment Competition until October 31st too so you will have three more tickets in the Draw.
    Very Best Wishes for a great holiday,
    Mrs Osborn.

  2. Hello Kelly,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the Sleeping Beauty performance. I hope to add some more photos over the next few days. Which characters were your favourites?
    Best Wishes from
    Mrs Osborn.

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