Our Latest Mosaic


Each year our Grade 6 students present a mosaic to the Principal for display at our school. This year was the Chinese Year of the Rabbit so this was our theme. All Grade 6 students had the chance to work on the design and construction. Nethmi’s “rabbit coming out of it’s burrow at night” design and Sukhjit’s flowers in the grass were combined to make a whole picture. Students cut the tiles and cemented them on  the cement sheet backing. I grouted the work on a quiet Saturday morning as the hustle and bustle of the Art room doesn’t really lend itself to such a time sensitive procedure. Nethmi amd Sukhjit (in red) are seen here helping me present the mosaic to our  new Principal, Mr Chris Sevior, at Graduation on Wednesday 21st December, 2011. Congratulations to both girls and to all our graduating students. Our very best wishes to you all for your Secondary education and the future.