Echidnas like to eat Ants


Last Term our Grade One and  Two  students spent time painting and drawing Australian animals. They were pleased to meet the cheeky koala, Blinky Bill, but were also eager to try drawing some of our other interesting  Australian animals such as the Echidna. Dylan’s picture not only shows the Echidna’s protective spines but he has also added its preferred food (ants) and  a beautiful bird flying overhead. Congratulations  to Dylan of Grade 1 LW.

The Real Thing



Our students have been taking a closer look at our Australian animals and representing them using  different media. In the lower part of the school Preps used Collage  ( Daniel – Prep JW)  or paint to make Koalas from Koala Lou by Mem Fox while Grades One and Two painted and drew Koalas and other Australian animals. Our upper grade students include our Grades Three and Fours who made animals with Plasticene and Paper Magic Clay and Grades Five and Sixes who used watercolour paints with fineliner detail in their work. This Term’s work was mainly inspired by Graeme Base’s artwork and the work of Canadian artist Barbara Reid .  Actual photographs from the Melbourne Aquarium and from the wonderful new iPad App, Museum Victoria’s  Field Guide have provided us with great detail  and inspiration for our artwork.

Wild Watercolours


“Well Done” to our Grade 5 students who have been drawing Australian animals and using watercolour paints to make pictures inspired by Australian Author  Illustrator Graeme Base. Jacob’s shark is lurking about in the  ocean depths while Sarah’s Wombat is cheekily hiding  in his underground burrow. Both students are in  wonderful  and creative 5AA.