Hey, Hey, Blinky Bill.

Blinky Bill CaitlynIMG_6471

Our Grade One and Two students are looking at the Blinky Bill stories of Australian Author and Illustrator Dorothy Wall. Published in 1933, the stories still capture the interest of our students who are more familiar with the characters because they have seen them on ABC TV  here in Australia. I bought the DVD  from an ABC Shop and played them a little of it on our Big Screen TV. I cropped these photos because we need parent approval to publish their faces and that has to be obtained anew each year.The looks of concentration and enjoyment on their faces  go a long way towards “assessment” of their progress in Art. It seems a shame that more subjects are not assessed in that way which would leave more time for “doing” and hence “understanding”. Caitlin has the pink art smock and Ryder has the red one. Beautiful Painting Grade 1. Dorothy Wall would surely be as proud as I am.