Grade 5SV

Welcome to the 5SV Page. Our Class Teacher is Mrs Valerio.

We think you might like to see Isaiah’s photo. It was done by Enzo as part of the Digital Photography Challenge.

Hi, I’m Kellie. On the school holidays I went to Tesslar’s Tulip Farm. I hope you like the photos I took.



I enjoy using the program BeFunky because it has lots of great effects, eg. Goodies, Text editing and Restoring image. Natacha 5AR


Hi, I’m Elyse and I’m in Grade 5AR. This picture that our class made was made on Picnik . We used four images that Mrs  Osborn took at the Melbourne Aquarium.On the top left is a King penguin, top right is a Lion fish, bottom left is a shark and the bottom right is a Japanese spider crab.

Picnik collage


Hello, I’m Natacha. I made this collage of Australian Animals. This is from Picnik as well. At top left is a red Kangaroo, top right is a wombat, lower left is an Echidna and lower right is a Koala. I hope that you enjoy using Picnik too.

picnik collage

Hi, my name is  Sarah. I made this picture on Picnik of  a osbourne



I played around with the image and came up with this seriesms osbourne 4

ms osbourne 2

Today Adam told us about Heather’s Animations.


I hope you like my watercolour painting of a penguin. I got the idea from a photograph taken at Melbourne Aquarium. Nathan V 5AR



Hi my name is Nicola. This is my dog Zack. He is 6 years old. He is a Maltese cross Jack Russell. I took this photograph of  Zack wearing my Dad’s hat. When I grow up I want to be a photographer. I hope you like this photo.

Hi, it’s Sarah again. I went to Echuca a couple of weeks ago and I  saw the Murray River. Here are some photos I took  in the evening when the sun was setting. The first one is my favourite.



I also found a really cool site called Picasso Head. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and maybe one day you will be able to go to see the Murray River.

September 11th 2011 Hello Grade 5AR . I thought you might like this widget.



51 thoughts on “Grade 5SV

  1. Congratulations Grade 5AR,
    This is a great start to your Class Page on our Blog. Isaiah certainly looks different. Enzo must be a very creative friend to have around. I am wondering whether we could get some other “altered” portraits of students and teachers in our school to add to this page? Please bring your own ideas along next week.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn

  2. Hi Ms Osborn,
    Love the blog
    Thanks for all the art lessons we have had this year
    it has been so fun

    From Sarah

  3. Thank you Elyse for your kind words about our Blog. It is great to see our Art students reading and commenting on our Class pages on our Blog at last. I also hope that we get many more visitors from all corners of the World.Maybe if we start visiting their Blogs they will visit ours.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  4. Hey Mrs Osborn,

    I’m keeping track of who goes on our Blog and where they are at my house but I will bring them in when I go to art.
    OK, it’s pretty exiting when you know that people all over the world are looking at work we made on the computer and that you are
    looking at the same blog/page/website.

  5. OUR BLOG IS SO COOL!!!!!!! Sarah, Natacha and Isaiah your pictures are awesome !!! Mrs Osborn thanks for teaching, hope we have a great lesson next week!!!:):):):):)

  6. Hello Elyse,
    I am very pleased that you are taking such a keen interest in our Blog. I think that you are one of the keenest of all the Grade 5 students. I notice that blogging makes me think more about what I write, edit my writing more carefully and take more care with my spelling. With all that hard work it is still a lot of fun so I enjoy writing more than ever before.
    I hope you might feel this way too.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  7. Thank you for your kind comments Monique and thank you also for the the positve comments for Sarah, Natacha and Isaiah. I will pass them on to them on Monday. I am enjoying the learning and sharing we are doing in Grade 5. Maybe you will think of something to add to your Class page next week.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn

  8. I like my class’s blog and I think we should add more! It is awesome and cool! Isaiah’s picture is really funny and all the others are really creative!

  9. Hello Grace,
    What a great surprise I had when I found lots of Blog comments from you. I was impressed that you looked at so many pages. I have been hoping that our TLPS students would try making comments on our Blog and on other Blogs from around the World. Our Blog is about to celebrate its 3rd Birthday so perhaps you might be able to think of some good activities for our Art Classesl to do on that day. Please let me know soon.
    Very Best Wishes and Thanks from Mrs Osborn.

  10. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    Great blog, thanks for teaching us this year, great painting by Nathan !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Hello Isaiah,
    Thank you for your comments about Art and for the positive comment you made about Nathan’s work. It is a pleasure to teach and learn with the wonderful Grade 5 classes this year.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  12. Mrs Osborn,
    I like commenting because of all the great things people are putting on their blog pages!
    – Gracie

  13. Hi Grade 5, the Blog is coming along great (that’s just my opinion:P.) The animations are awesome!!!

  14. WOW, I was looking at recent student art work
    and there were things from when I was in Grade 1.

  15. Hello Elise,
    Thank You for your Blog comment. We are all getting better at our Blog posts and comments. They certainly help us look more closely at what we want to say and how to spell the words and express ourselves.
    I hope that you have a wonderful Term break and I hope you get some time to do some of the jigsaws or make some pictures with Drips on the Art Games Page. Maybe you will take some photos for our Blog.
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs Osborn.

  16. Hi Yvonne and 5AR,
    I dropped in to your 5AR page and found all this wonderful work which put a 🙂 on my face immediately. I’d love to know how the animated letters work because they look so 😎 . So, if anyone in 5AR knows how to do the animation, perhaps you could add one into our class blog. Let me know 5AR.

    Also… Mrs. Ohhh (aka Mrs. Osborn), the page is fabulous and I’m sure your digital artists enjoy the world of digital expression. Nice one.
    AR 😉

  17. Thank you Altan. You certainly have talented students in 5AR. They are a great credit to you and your creativity. The sky’s the limit with them and they are a pleasure to have in the Art Room.
    Enjoy your holiday,
    Best Regards,

  18. Thank you Sarah. Our Blog gets better as you all become interested in contributing towards it. I agree, let’s keep up the great work.
    Best Wishes, Mrs Osborn.

  19. Hello Ms Osborn

    Today I was not at school but doesn’t mean I am not allowed to look at the art blog and I saw THREE people from different places in the world so I kept track. They were on at least 15 mintues.

    So these are the points i jotted down.

    Ho Chi Minh City/Hoi Chi Minh 11.20 am Friday 20th of May

    Centralia/Washington 11.20 am Friday 20th of May

    Santa Clara/California 11.20 am Friday 20th of May

    From Sarah 😀

    P.S I will keep track of more places.

  20. Hello again

    About the places the one from Washingtion and California, those people got on again and were on for about an hour they must like our blog a lot 😛

  21. Hello Ms Osborn,

    Guess what?
    Yesterday I went on the art blog and saw this on our globe,

    Hoi Chi Minh City/Hoi Chi Minh 11.30 am 20th of May ( also was on for an hour)
    Centralia/California 11.30 am 20th May ( also was on for an hour)
    Santa Clara/Washingtion 11.30 am 20th of May ( also was on for an hour)
    Zagreb/Grad Zagreb 7.29 pm 22nd of May ( also was on for about 10 mintues)

    From Sarah

    P.S I will keep track.

  22. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you SO much for keeping an eye on our Blog. I am sorry to have been away for so long on Sick Leave because I miss all your great work and the fact that we are all learning about Blogging together.
    Best Wishes and I look forward to catching up with you after my trip to UK and USA in July,
    Mrs Osborn.

  23. Hello Ms Osborn,

    Yeah,we were told you were on sick leave and you are going on a trip overseas but I hope you injoy it

    From Sarah

  24. Hello Mrs Osborn,
    Next Monday I have a picture that I would like to go on our blog.

  25. Hello Monique,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. I look forward to seeing you picture next week. I really liked the dragon you drew recently. Please remind me to photograph it as well.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.
    PS I’ll put your name in the draw for the pencil set.

  26. Thanks for the nice comment about us last Monday. We have been getting good comments from others teachers and ours. So thank you so much. That means that we get to have fun during class times such as, play games outside/inside, go in the library and watch T.V.


  27. Hello Monique,
    I really enjoyed you Blog comment about the positive feedback your class has been getting lately. Good manners, good listening skills and enthusiasm for learning new things is beginning to pay off for your grade. I look forward to being able to say similar things next week. I will add your name to the Blog Comment Competetion draw
    Thanks again and Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  28. Hey Ms Osborn,

    I totally agreed with Monique about the nice comment you gave us. You really deserve to get a thank you from 5AR. We loved playing outside game because we got so… many nice comments from our wonderful teachers.


    From Sarah 5AR

  29. Hello Sarah,
    I was very pleased with your work on the Art Blog during class today. The effort you went to taking the photos and writing about your experience at Echuca was excellent. I would like to show all the Grade 6 students tomorrow. I wonder what you would like to photograph next?
    I like spending time on the Murray River. My parents-in-law had a houseboat there for years and then they lived in a house on the banks of the river for a few more years so I spent a lot of time there on weekends and school holidays. I have heard it called the Mighty Murray and your photos show why.Well Done Sarah and thank you for sharing your skills with us.
    I will put your name in the Blog Comment Competition draw.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  30. Hello Ms Osborn,

    I was wondering, when are you going to draw the comment competition because I am hanging to know who won?

    From Sarah 5AR

  31. Hello Sarah,
    I thought there would be people wondering when I couldn’t make it to Assembly on the last day of Term. We’ll draw it at the end of October because I realised that the competition hadn’t been advertised in the Newsletter so that may have been unfair to some students. Don’t worry though. I think you’ll still have a good chance and you deserve a prize anyway for all the great comments you write and for making your own Blog.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  32. I hope I win this competition. I have never won a competition before so that would be really exciting for me!!!

  33. You certainly deserve a prize Elyse. It’s only a couple of weeks until we will know who won. Good Luck from Mrs Osborn.

  34. Hello,

    Um Mrs Osborn we never announced the winner for the competition. We will have to do it next year.

    From Elyse

  35. Dear Elyse,
    You’re right. We didn’t announce the winners. My lovely dog Lexxy died on the day before school finished and I just didn’t feel like sorting the Competition out. I will do so when school starts. Please remind me on the first day back. I hope that you are enjoying your holidays.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  36. I just noticed we still haven’t drawn out the winners/winner of the Blogging Comment Competition. We will have to hurry. I want to know who wins. I’ll be leaving next year so I won’t be able to see who wins if we don’t draw it soon.

  37. Thank you for the reminder Elyse. I will be back from America on November 24th so we should draw it on the following Friday. Please remind me again when I see you.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  38. Hi Mrs Osborn I just noticed, we never drew out the winner for the blogging competition. 🙁

    From Elyse

  39. Hi Elyse,
    You’re right we didn’t. We must remember to do so this week. I hope you win something and I hope you are enjoying High School.
    Best Regards from Mrs. Osborn.

  40. Yes Mrs Osborn, I am enjoying high school! But I do miss primary school at the same time. You guys were all really good teachers. 🙂

  41. Hello I really love the blog. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my name is Anastasia and I used to go to this school. I am constantly looking at this blog it is so awesome. I hope you remember me.

    P.S: I would like to say a great big “Hi” to my old friends Sarah, Polly and Emma. I really miss you guys. Sometimes i just come on this blog or the school website and just constantly look at it and remember how much of a great school it was. I hope you remember me, bye.

  42. Sorry it’s Anastasia again. I just wanted to say I now go to a different school called Laurimar Primary School. If you would like to have a look at the website it is called . FYI our website is nowhere near as cool as yours.

    bye Anastasia

  43. Dear Anastasia,
    Thank you for your kind comments about our Blog and our School. I’m sure that your friends miss you too. I have them in Art today so I will show them your message.
    I hope that you will continue to enjoy our Blog. We will be posting some photos of Grade 5 masks soon so stay tuned,
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs. Osborn.

  44. Hi Mrs Osborn,
    I’m Ella, I am going to be one of the new Grade 5 students!
    Do you know which art teachers the Grade 5 s are going to have??????

    Hope you have a great New Year,
    From Ella

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