Grade 6 Masks 2014








This year’s Paper Mache masks were different from those done in previous years even though the Grade 6 students looked through photographs of masks on, Google Images,  Pinterest and on our Blog. They were completely absorbed by the process and are to be congratulated upon their achievements. I am disappointed that I didn’t obtain titles for the masks. Hopefully they will let me know via a Blog comment. All the best for Secondary School next year everyone.

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  1. Hello TLPS! I hope that everyone is having a great time in school. I can’t believe that last year went by so fast! Good luck to the current Year 6’s for their last year in Primary School. It’s going to be the best year you ever had, trust me. Hello to all the teachers and especially Miss Mac! Have fun teaching all the students and make sure they behave! And to the students, ensure that you work to the best of your ability because it eventually it pays off. Have fun in 2015!

  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom Isabelle. I hope our students appreciate them, coming from you, one of our top Art students for 2014. Mrs. Vella and I appreciate your thoughts and all your incredible help over the years.
    Very Best Wishes for Year 7 from Yvonne Osborn

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