Grade 6 – Sewing, Sewing, Sewing




Our Grade 6 students were given some ideas for Project based Art this Term. Three students completed their characters and cushions at home. Congratulations go to Sandy, Kristy and Yamandu for their great work. The monkey was made from two socks using the instructions from the YouTube video “How to make a Sock Monkey”. We chose the Quick Guide ( 4 minutes 51 seconds).

4 thoughts on “Grade 6 – Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

  1. Hi, your blog is awesome, there are so many inspiring art works. You have managed so many different styles and they look great. I’ve recently started a blog for my art classes in Ararat if you’d like to drop by it’s at

  2. Well done Yamandu on your awesome sock monkey! Congratulations to everybody else who made a great piece in art! Keep up the great work Grade 6’s.

  3. Love your sewing and the designs you came up with, They have done a really good job of it. Have the students been sewing right through PS? these look amazing 🙂

  4. Dear Leah,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comment regarding our student art work. We have some very talented students who share our passion for creativity. Our students only do very basic stitching from about Grade one onwards. This year we bought two sewing machines for the Grade 6s to use. I felt it was a basic introduction for them prior to Secondary School Textiles. They generally gained confidence in the use of the machines( many don’t have one at home) although many preferred to sew by hand.
    I hope you have an enjoyable Term 4.
    Very Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn.

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