Places in Our Hearts – Henry

It’s so sad to write that our beloved pets have died. They take up an enormous part of our hearts and  when they go they leave a hollow feeling in us. I was blessed to have these two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Lexxy (left) and Henry, in my life over the past nine years. Lexxy died on December 23rd 2011  and Henry, just two days ago. Pets are something that many of us have in common and stories  about them abound. Henry’s special trick was to bring in our newspaper, the Herald Sun, each morning. This was difficult on weekends because the paper was so heavy.
Rest In Peace Henry. Your cheeky character, complete loyalty and unconditional love will be sadly missed.

 I would like to hear about your pet and why he/she is so dear to you.


2 thoughts on “Places in Our Hearts – Henry

  1. When there is an animal in my life I find them hard to stay away from. I form a very strong bond with my animals. They are a part of my life to me. Each and everyone one of them has its very own personalty. I can remember last year one day before camp my beloved guinea pig Luke died… I was devastated and I almost wanted to just stay home and cry all day, however I knew he would still always be with me… In my heart I will never forget him, that goes for all my pets. I love them all so much and could never forget any of them.

  2. Dear Ashleigh,
    Thank you for writing about your animals and what they mean to you. The way you write with such emotion almost moved me to tears. I am very proud of you and all of your contributions towards making our school a better place.
    Well Done and Very Best Wishes for Term 2 from Mrs. Osborn

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