Happy Valentine’s Day

 Our Grade 5 and 6 students are drawing Zentangles. Holly decided to give her work a Valentine’s Day flavour. We watched a great YouTube video (via  Video Downloader App onto our iPad connected to our big screen TV)  which had been uploaded by Cindy.  Another good one was by Mara from Stamplistic. It’s really a pity that we need to go to all that trouble to show such inspirational videos to our students. Hopefully we will soon be able to log on using our teacher  identity numbers and  obtain easier access to these excellent resources .


The  “Kerry” name Artwork was done years ago by my older daughter  Kate as a gift for her sister.



The blue framed Zentangle is by Andrea and the other, showing her individuality, is by Cindy.

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Congratulations to Holly, Andrea, Cindy and all our Grades 5 and 6 students who have worked so hard on their Zentangles. There are many more which will completed, framed, photographed and displayed within the next week or so. Besides the Art Room, and your Classrooms, where do you think would be some other suitable places to display them around our school?
    I think that you have all made a great start focusing on our Zentangle Drawing topic in Art Classes this Term.
    Best Wishes for 2013,
    from Mrs Osborn.

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