Wild Life – Chris Humphrey

On Wednesday evening my Rotary Club  joined in a Gobal Dinner for MS awareness. The entertainment was provided by fabulous Wild Life presenter Chris Humphrey and his wife Nicole. The Humphreys own a private wild life zoo at Macedon, Victoria. Their website is www.wildaction.com.au They take their animals out to visit schools, corporate events etc with the aim of raising awareness of our native animals.The  baby Koala’s name is Bruce and the Kookaburra is called Chucky. They are among 2000 animals at the Humphrey’s  Zoo. Brazilian Rotary Youth Exchange student Rayssa Rodrigues loved holding the  Black Headed Python and the  baby Saltwater Crocodile.





6 thoughts on “Wild Life – Chris Humphrey

  1. Awww, I love the baby Koala. Really very very cute and the crocodile is a bit cute and yet scary, lol.

  2. Hi I am Victoria I am from South Australia,
    These animals are sooooo cute I love animals they are such pretty creatures.

    Victoria!! p.s Love your blog!!

  3. Hello Victoria,
    It was great to receive your email . I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to our Blog. I am an animal lover so I often add good quality photos of animals to our Blog to encourage our students to sketch them and/or to take their own animal photos.
    Best Wishes for your School Holidays,
    Yvonne Osborn

  4. Hey Chris,
    I watch your shows, they’re brilliant! I love the Dingo Pups, Gypsy the Dingo. They are so cute. I’m so sorry for your little owl chick, that died recently. I’m also a big fan of your koalas. I love the sounds they make. I’m not exactly animal crazy, though I love animals. I love the Macaws. I’m watching you as I write this comment( Well your T.V. progamme, I’m not actually watching you.) I’m so keen to watch every single epsiode.

    From A Big Fan
    Kayla Tomlinson

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