Student Artwork in Fiji

Last week’s visit to four Fijian schools, Sabeto Muslim Primary School, Sabeto District School, Namaka Public School and Nadi Airport School allowed me to see the Artworks of students who don’t have the luxury of an hour per week of Specialist Visual Art like we do at our school. The students still managed, with the help of their wonderful Class Teachers, to have done a variety of  Printing , Drawing,  Construction and Collage and these were displayed  with pride in their classrooms. Our students will probably notice that the student who is leaf printing is not wearing an Art Smock. Another little girl was dressed in a beautiful Salwar Kameez to celebrate  the Hindu festival Diwali. Maybe it’s too hot to wear an Art Smock in Fiji you might think. According to my sister, who works in Fiji in Early Childhood Education, the Fijian students just stay clean. It is part of their upbringing to keep their clothes clean. Maybe we could give it a try.


















































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