Not Just Junk

Our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students have been working hard to see the possibilities of using junk items to create sculptures. With a bit of imagination I can see the little white Alien having lots of adventures around our school. Art works as  starting points for writing seem like a great idea to me. The Alien is by Monique of 4CD and the Chicken Run character is by Stephanie P of 4VR. There are more characters on the Recent Sudent Artwork page.


One thought on “Not Just Junk

  1. Hello! I am a Prep teacher from Blacburn South and we have just finished our Inquiry unit WOW – Wipe Out Waste! We looked at ways of reusing old materials to make new things and created some pieces of Art for our Art show. Our favourite was making baubles from old newspaper and wrapping paper. I think your sculptures are amazing! I will show them to my Preps when we come back from holidays. Excellent and very creative work!

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