Zart Book Week Workshop @TLPS

Fabulous Art Supplier Zart  of Box Hill here in Melbourne holds regular Professional Learning sessions for educators. They hold three such Workshops in our Art Room each year. The latest one was based on the shortlisted books by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Presenter, Amy Green of Romsey gave us many ideas and inspired us to produce some excellent pieces suitable for Primary (Elementary) classes. A book, “Across the Story Bridge”, giving detailed instructions and photographs is available from Zart.


3 thoughts on “Zart Book Week Workshop @TLPS

  1. Hi im a year 5 and i really like this piece of art and i have suggested to my teacher to do this in art.


  2. Hello Tahlia,
    Thankyou for commenting on our Blog. I hope that your teacher lets you do this activity as it was a very easy one which looks great. Tell her that there’s a link to the book “Across the Story Bridge” in the same Blog entry if she would like to order it from Zart.
    Thanks again for your comment and keep up the fabulous work on your Class Blog. You are very fortunate to have a teacher who is interested in blogging as it is a wonderful way of sharing our learning experiences.
    Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn,
    Taylors Lakes Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria.
    PS Iwas interested in the photograph of the snake on your Blog. Our family had a pet Children’s Python for many years but I don’t like the poisonous snakes at all.

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