Happy Australia Day- January 26th 2010

Almost a year ago my husband, my mother in law and I travelled around a large part of Australia in convoy with other cars from our Car Club.
Today I am adding two views (taken in the evening and in the morning) of Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it is now known, and some of the ancient Rock Art in one of caverns around its base.

This photo  was taken in the morning just as the sun rose and lit up the rock.

2 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day- January 26th 2010

  1. First of all, happy Australia Day! I’ve been a fan of Australia, and Australians, for 20 years — had a good friend from Fremantle back in the Eighties, and since then I’ve just been predisposed to like Aussies.

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  2. Nice view.It is so amazing how different the weather is on the other side of the earth! We are having very cold temps again with snow flurries. Enjoy your time together and Happy Australia Day.

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