Back Home Again

“Turtles” by Artist Don Garling was photographed in the foyer of our hotel, Gagudju Crocodile  Hotel in Kakadu National Park.

On March 16th I ventured around Australia, or most of it, and returned yesterday after travelling 15,950 Kilometres. To say it was the opportunity of a lifetime would not be exaggerating. I would like to go again some time though when fast Internet access becomes available throughout more of the country regions and it would be easy to keep a travel blog. I have some stunning photos and learnt so much history and geography that I will try to share some of that  on this blog before I return to school on May 18th.


 Salt Water Crocodiles are fed on the Jumping Crocodiles Cruise at Adelaide River.This old timer has only one whole leg, the others having been bitten off  by other crocs in fights over territory and croc girlfriends.

Happy Holidays

I wrote this post on April 2nd but didn’t publish it until now. The internet access I had hoped for on my trip just wasn’t available. Hopefully it will be next time.

“I’m in Western Australia on an ‘around Australia’ tour and this is the first chance I’ve had to post a comment since I left Melbourne 3 weeks ago. School finished for Victorian schools today but many other states will work right up until Easter. Staying with friends in Alexander Heights, Perth I was able to visit the  Alinjarra Primary  school and see the attractive Art Room and student work. The Art teacher , Val Brooks, was not working   but we peeped in and I was impressed with the organisation and the beautiful framed artwork in the school foyer.”

Yvonne Osborn, Visual Arts teacher at TLPS, (travelling Australia).