Mosaic Artist – Jane Byrne

On Thursday November 6th we we very fortunate to have Artist Jane Byrne of Mentone Victoria come to our Art Room. The main idea was  for her to inspire our four classes of Grade 6 students.It was a busy day as she showed photographs of her work and worked on two pieces so we could watch and learn from her. Glenys and I learnt such a lot and managed to each complete a mirror surround (up to the grouting stage).The cockatoo was drawn by  a Grade 6 AN student, Inoke, and transferred onto fibreglass mesh (design under plastic sheet). We were thrilled to have such an expert and wonderful teacher as Jane inspire our future work. This year’s Year of the Rat Mosaic and the students’ individual pieces  should reflect the enthusiasm she conveyed in her excellent presentation and demonstration.

Jane shows the students photograps of the work she has done with schools in Melbourne. My  first ever mosaic (from a Deborah Halpern workshop) is in the background.