Grade 5 & 6 Masks

This year’s decorative paper mache masks have  been colourful and very different to each other in character as, indeed, are our students. This year we are intending to hold an Exhibition of the masks  in the Art Room so that  the other classes can view them. It is our intention to have the students set up the exhibition , host it and photograph it for a slideshow at Graduation. 




Cinderella – The Queen of Hearts

Our Prep students have been studying Fairy Tales in their classrooms. We have incorporated that theme in Puppetry and Printing in Visual Arts this Term. They mono printed a grey castle and stencil printed a gold pumpkin coach for Cinderella. Finally these were cut out and glued onto a  hilly background. Cinderella and her Prince were drawn and added to complete the scene. Emily’s work is pictured with its heart theme which was entirely her own idea. Well Done  to Emily from Prep CR.


Kyle’s Pot

Grade 5PL student Kyle waited a long time for his pot to be fired. His patience was rewarded this week as it came out of our new kiln unscathed. He took it home  but brought it back to school to be photographed as “Mum would like to see it on our Visual Arts  Blog”. Kyle is justifiably proud of his work and we are proud of him. Congratulations Kyle.