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  1. I will miss u Ms.Osborne. You have been a wonderful teacher for 6 years. You are a very artistic teacher. I will be visiting this blog at all times.

  2. Hi! Ms. Osborne, Graduation was extremely fun. At the start it was very nerve-racking. Can’t beleive that it was our last day at skool tday. I am scared to go to high-skool. I mean with like new people, new teachers, new friends and everything will be new. Tiffany has moved skools and it is very sad. I will be visiting the skool and will be in touch with the blog.

  3. Hi Ms.Osborne,
    Tommorow on 18 December is my bday!!!
    My mum didn’t like the mosaic cause she loved it. She said that is was very shiny and colourful.

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