Strings Attached

Our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students have been making a choice of art and craft items beginning with the letter”M”. Simple macrame work which students  seem to enjoy makes Friendship bands. We used coloured crochet cotton, cutting off between six and twelve lengths as high as their desk. They knotted the cotton at one end and put it into a slot at one end of some cardboard. The other end had slots for the cottons and they were arranged in a pattern.The basic idea for a simple diagonal stripe is to take the cotton on the left in the right hand and knot it around each of the colours twice until the other side is reached. Then each thread is moved across one place to the left allowing a vacant space for the starting cotton which has travelled across to the right. Congratulations to Ishara who used twelve cottons in a more complex arrowhead design. Ishara is purposefully making the colourful band to brighten up the life of her Auntie who is quite unwell.