Spring at TLPS

Thanks to the thoughtful planning by the architect back in 1988, when our school was being created, we have some beautiful raised garden beds and seating throughout our school. Our gardener, Mr Jackson, looks after our gardens very well and provides us with a variety of flowers.  I wonder whether we can photograph a lot more stunning TLPS garden views. Can you find this beautiful iris in our courtyard?

Penguins Pose, Penguins Play

Our Foundation students had a lot of Modelling experience in Term 3. They created 2D chameleons after reading the story “Rex” and then, after watching a lot of YouTube videos, they made tiny 3D penguins. They built an icy penguin habitat using torn paper and polystyrene foam. The brown penguins are penguin chicks which fascinated the students as they crowded together in a sea of brown fluffy down.

Making Mandalas

This Term our Grade six students have drawn Mandalas using felt pens and paint markers. They were cut out and mounted on coloured paper plates before being displayed in our Art Room.

Early finishers tried making a group Mandala using found objects inside a hoop. The first one is by students from 6JS, the second by 6KK, the third by 6RM and the last by Alannah, Emeyle and Harriet of 6LM.


A few Grade 6 Masks from 2017

This year our Grade 6 students worked on making their decorative paper mache masks as individual and original as possible. Some were mounted on a backing boards, others had additions and cut outs, transforming their shape and character. Congratulations to the students who created the few masks pictured here. Particular congratulations go to Maddy who added tulle beneath the face with great 3D effect.

Owls – Grade 1 Weaving

Our Grade 1 students have the very talented Mrs Vicky Klepkas as their Art Teacher this year. She is very impressed with the skill level of her students who made these stunning woven owls.  She found the idea on Pinterest.  Congratulations to Vicky and her students on their fantastic artworks and their adherence to the maxim that “Quality work takes time”.

A trip down Memory Lane


Today we are showcasing some of the paper mache masks made by  our Grade Six students over the past two years. Given that this year’s Grade Sixes are among our most creative ever, we should soon be seeing some fabulous new original designs.




Op Art

Our Grade 6 students looked at the work of British Op Artist Bridget Riley and tried out some line work of their own. The object of the project was to create a sense of movement and 3D effects in their felt-pen artworks.


Farewell 2016 – Hello 2017

We enjoyed a great year in the Visual Arts area at Taylors Lakes Primary School in 2016. Our students worked hard and showcased their creativity in the Art Rooms, on this Blog and throughout the school.  Today we start the 2017 school year and look forward to seeing more incredible artwork from our talented students.  We would love to receive some Blog comments too. Happy New School Year everyone.

Soft Sculpture – Sock Creatures









These are just a few of our Grade 6 students’ soft sculptures. They were made from new socks and were either hand or machine sewn by our students using instructions found on YouTube videos ( on our Grade 6 page). The owl ( made from a scarf) is by Vlad of 6KK. The elephant is by Lucy and the rabbit by Ebony. Congratulations to all our Grade Six students who are working hard to complete their characters and to finish our Year of the Monkey mosaic before Graduation.