Grade 6 Masks 2018

Mystical Cat by Ava of Grade 6PM

Two Minds by Kadin of Grade 6RM


Congratulations to all our Grade Six students who put so much work into designing and making their paper mache masks this year. These are only a few of over 100 different  original designs. Some masks were made to be worn and many were decorative, for display only.  Which two would you choose as your favorites?

6 thoughts on “Grade 6 Masks 2018

  1. Dylan here, I really enjoyed doing these masks, they were really fun, especially when it came down to the decorating. My favourite were John D’s and Christan D’s mask! Thanks for showing and helping us make these masks.

  2. Hi Maddie,
    I am very impressed that you remembered to write a blog comment. I will try to add some more masks soon. You worked very hard on yours and I think it looks wonderful. I think your weaving is going really well too. I am glad that you didn’t give up when things went wrong. Congratulations on all your great art work and thank you for your wonderful support.
    Best wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  3. Hi Dylan,
    What a great surprise I had when I opened my email. Thank you for sending a blog comment. I’m glad you enjoyed Mask Making. You always very work hard and you are a wonderful help in the Art Room. I look forward to seeing your completed weaving.
    Very best wishes from
    Mrs Osborn.

  4. Hi Emilia,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comment. I am so pleased that you like all the masks. Yours is one of the really great ones, probably because you are creative, thoughtful and careful with your work. I hope you will enjoy the weaving and the activities which will follow.
    Very best wishes from Mrs Osborn.

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