Op Art – Bridget Riley style






Our Grade 6 students were introduced the wonderful line work of UK artist Bridget Riley. They tried drawing versions of her work and were encouraged to think of optical illusions of their own. Congratulations to every student who worked so patiently towards these great  Op Art pictures.


2 thoughts on “Op Art – Bridget Riley style

  1. Hello Mrs Osborn,
    It’s me Bhavi taking my time to write to you ! It’s been fast 3 years since I have had you as an exceptional and mesmerising art teacher, who always taught us art skills with your mind blowing art intellect. I’m currently in year 9, and secondary school has been an enjoyable experience, and as I sit today, I always remember the brilliant art memories we all shared. My art in high school always has some sort of inspiration and art skills in it as I learnt as a primary school student of such a creative art teacher like you.

    Thank you and I look forward to you reply,


    Bhavi Nagar

  2. Hi Bhavi,
    Thank you so much for writing to me via our Blog. It is so good that you have happy memories of Art classes at TLPS. Thank you also for your very kind words. Mrs Vella and I still enjoy planning and teaching a large range of great art activities each Term. We are very fortunate to have access to a generous budget and we are lucky to have such great students as you who are enthusiastic, creative and keen to learn.
    I hope you enjoy the remainder of the School holidays.
    Very best wishes from Yvonne Osborn.

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