Oh Where, Oh Where have you been? Monet’s Garden

French Impressionist Artist Claude Monet’s home and garden are open to the public in the town of Giverny which is 73 kms North-West of Paris, France. Having  last visited in 1997 I visited for the second time because I wanted to see his garden in the tulip season. Although the famous waterlilies which he painted so often were not in bloom we were lucky to enjoy a sunny Spring afternoon in awe of the beautiful garden and pond. See whether you can find the two bees and the”Japanese Bridge”which often featured in his paintings.

2 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where have you been? Monet’s Garden

  1. Hi Mrs Osborn. If you’re reading this I’m having an amazing time in Dubai. Please tell everyone I miss them a lot. I’vE been on the World’s fastest rollercoaster. It was scary >.

  2. Hello Raja,
    Thank you for your Blog comments from Dubai. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying your stay there. I also went on the World’s fastest Roller Coaster in Abu Dhabi. I found thatit was so fast that I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I just enjoyed the speed and the turns. I think I would wear goggles if I went again. Who went with you on the ride? Was there a line of people waiting for a turn?
    We miss you too. Please come and visit us when you return. We would like to ask you about Dubai.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn and the students at Taylors Lakes Primary School.

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