In Honour of Sir Henry Royce

Show Judge, Ern Trembath with the First Prize ,  an oil painting by Maxwell Wilks entitled “1910 Silver Ghost”.

Second Prize went to Stephen Park for his magnificent “Bentley” which was painted with Acrylics.

The  Third Prize winner was Neville Hunt with his watercolour painting entitled “The Phantom II 1929”. Inserts showed the engine and interior detail.

Twelve year old Brandon Townshend used acrylics to paint “Red Night”. It was one of the first paintings to be sold. Our Congratulations go to Brandon. He is wearing the Rolls Royce cap presented to him by the Rolls Royce Owners Club of Australia and yes, that is a real parrot on his shoulder.

Show Judge Ern Trembath’s oil painting “Swamp land near Thornton”. Ern’s paintings bring to life our magnificent Gum trees and Australian bushland.

Yesterday I attended an Art Show at the Sherbrooke Art Gallery near Melbourne. The Exhibition and Art Competition  honoured  Sir Henry Royce of Rolls Royce fame. The organizers were pleased with the number of entries and the high quality of the work. One artist, twelve year old Brandon Townshend, received a Rolls Royce cap and a lot of well deserved attention for his painting “Red Night”. The show is open (except on Tuesdays) until Sunday April 15th at the Sherbrook Art Gallery. Show judge, well known Australian artist Ern Trembath, had one of his exquisite paintings on display.”Swamp land near Thornton” impressed us so much we decided to buy it. It was a great afternoon of joint celebration of fine Art and wonderful old Rolls Royce and Bentley motor vehicles. The Exhibition is well worth a visit and so is the Society’s Blog.

4 thoughts on “In Honour of Sir Henry Royce

  1. Dear Mrs.Osborn,

    What wonderful paintings people have done with all the old cars. That one with all the nice trees is AMAZING!!! I really like that one. These holidays I am going to Puffing Billy and there are lots of pretty views there. Since you said that that art gallery is near there my grandparents might be able to take me. Did I mention that they work at Puffing Billy so I get to go with them. It is such fun. Also I thought I should remind you that you still have to change all the grades for 2012.Hope to see you soon and have a wonderful time in Paris.


  2. Hello Ashleigh,
    It is so great to hear from you on the other side of the World. We are staying in Amsterdam for a few days.The Hotel Fita is just across the road from a school.I hope that you enjoy the School Holidays and I hope that you might have a visit to the Sherbrooke Art Gallery to see the Rolls Royce paintings.what an exciting task your Grandparents have. Puffing Billy is certainly a wonderful tourist attraction.

    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

    Very Best Wishes

  3. Dear Ms Osborn,

    I think that all your trip photos are wonderful. I certaintly hope you enjoyed your trip.

    From Tamsyn 🙂

  4. Thank you for your kind words Tamsyn. I enjoy looking back at my Trip photos. They are all on my iPad so I’ll show you some more next Art session. Thank you also for helping me with our new Art iPad yesterday. We are very fortunate to have it and even more fortunate to have such enthusiastic Art Students as you.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

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