Gino’s Genius

Grade 4 student Gino has a lot of artistic talent. He draws imaginary creatures in ordinary situations such as this “Rhino” who is casually watching TV. Small details , such as the shoes tossed onto the floor, come naturally to Gino. When I asked him whether he’d mind his work being published he said that would be fine but to please ask that Blog visitors respect his original work. Congratulations Gino on your creativity and drawing skills. Australia and the Philippines are proud of you.

6 thoughts on “Gino’s Genius

  1. Dear Mr and Mrs Ninon,
    Congratulations upon raising such a creative and wonderful son as Gino. It is great that you have encouraged his passion for drawing. It was my pleasure to post his work and I’m sure that I will post more in the future. I am so pleased that you made the Blog comment. I am hopeful that more students will show the Blog to their parents and that they will also comment.
    Very Best Wishes and Thanks for taking the time to write,
    from Yvonne Osborn.

  2. Hey Gino! It’s Pesiny :D! You should create more characters and keep up the good work!!!

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