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Our Grade Three and Four students are looking at and attempting to paint in the style of Eugene Von Guerard’s “Mr Clark’s Station , Deep Creek, Keilor”. Painted in 1867 by Austrian born Von Guerard, this work  was chosen because the classes are studying the local area, we wanted to cover Painting in Visual Arts and we wanted an Australian theme. This painting fits the criteria and shows background, middle-ground and foreground very well. I acknowledge the painting was found on the ABC News website. Also of value when studying the local area is Nearmap. You need to register and have a password but it seems to be updated often so our students will notice our new buildings have been included. Good Luck finding your place. We now think we have found the original house, “Glenara”, (below) from the painting by looking along Deep Creek on Nearmap. It certainly looks like the same house with some extensions.We think you can tell by the chimneys. Deep Creek is on the left and we can clearly see the verandahs in the last photo.