Natalie’s New Rabbit

Recently one of our Grade 5 students, Natalie J of 5PL, brought in a calico rabbit she had sewn at home. She had spent time over a weekend with a little help from her Mum to create the rabbit she calls Miss Flopsy. She initially dressed her in some  of her doll’s clothes. In order to make it all her own work I showed Natalie how to make a simple outfit from some cut up socks. Socks are excellent for this purpose as they are stretchy and minimal sewing is involved. I’m sure you will agree that Natalie’s bunny deserves some Worldwide attention and some comments.

5 thoughts on “Natalie’s New Rabbit

  1. Hello Elyse,
    Thank you for your Bog comment. I’m sure that Natalie will be very pleased with your response to her Calico Rabbit. Have you thought of making a calico animal? If so which animal would you make?
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. This calico rabbit looks terrific! It’s sock-clothes are immensely cute ! Great work Natalie!
    I’m sure you had lots of fun making Miss Flopsy!

    From, Jennifer

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