Happy 3rd Birthday to our Blog


Tagxedo 2

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It’s hard to believe but Monday 9th May, 2011 will be the third Birthday of our Visual Arts Blog. Commonly known as our “tlpsart” Blog it has become a voice for us and a showcase for our work and ideas. It’s a way in which we can express ourselves and share our learning with a World wide audience. Yesterday the blog had its 16,000th visitor. In honour of the Birthday I looked for some Web tools to help us reflect on our Blog and celebrate its achievements. The first one I chose was Tagxedo which is free to use for now and enabled me to make some colourful word clouds. Happy Birthday to our Blog and Best Wishes  to our Taylors Lakes Primary School students and teachers for their  continued artistic and blogging journeys.

3 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday to our Blog

  1. …how nice, How did you do this words like that?
    do you have an example on how to make this?
    please give me some samples or video for this.

  2. Happy Birthday day to your blog.. and Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there.. Hope to read more in the future with your artistic blogs,.. Thanks..

  3. Happy 3rd birthday to your blog and congratulations. I am glad and happy for you that your blog have passed through these year. Anyway, I really like the photos that you shared specially the heart shape. How dodo you do that??? Anyway, thanks for sharing, I hope your blog will last.

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