Ned Kelly’s Armour




Two years ago we visited Glenrowan in Victoria which is famous for bushranger Ned Kelly’s last stand against the police who had been chasing him and his gang for many months. A blacksmith in the town makes replica suits of armour so I am posting photographs for our Grade Six students who will be travelling to Canberra soon and will see Australian artist Sidney Nolan’s “Ned Kelly series” of  paintings at our National Gallery. The old photograph is  of the Glenrowan Railway Station  and was taken during Ned Kelly’s lifetime. The cottage on the left is typical of the timber homes of the day.

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  1. Hi, i was so amazed looking all the photos you’ve posted here. I also read the history of Ned Kelly’s armour was a tin can, some sheet metal, and a fearsome reputation. Paul says “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist”. Paul talks about the belt firstly because the armour was always suspended from the belt. Without a belt, the armour would fall off. The belt underpins the armour. This word “truth” does not refer to the objective facts of the Gospel, but to our sincerity and preparedness to stand and fight. It is, if you like, our desire to be fair-dinkum. It is our resolve and our faithfulness that is being talked about. It is rare to achieve or do something without the desire to do it and so we need to behave with conviction. We need the courage of our convictions, but we need the conviction first…

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