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Two years ago fellow Art Specialist teacher Glenys Vella and I convinced our Principal that we needed an IWB or a Big Sceen TV for the Visual Arts Room. Fortunately there wasn’t enough money available for an IWB so we ended up with our 42 inch Sanyo TV. We use it as a monitor for our one computer but for now, for us,  it is “just right”. I say that because the picture is SO clear and the sound is of a high standard. Our students can see the screen easily in our well lit room unlike the IWB’s around the school which struggle to show a clear picture in our bright classrooms. The use of this technology and, more particulary, the use of our Visual Arts Blog as a  teaching and learning tool has transformed the way we teach Art. We don’t spend too long each session looking at the TV screen as the students are eager to become”hands on” with their art work. Our Early Finishers like to play  the Art Games from our Blog. We find the use of such technology has broadened our horizons and made us a part of the Global learning community. The students often ask to go to the Cluster Map to see how many visitors we’ve had. Even our youngest students love watching the Revolver Map. We can thoroughly recommend the Big Screen TV.

3 thoughts on “Big Screen TV vs Interactive White Board

  1. Hi Yvonne

    What a fabulous use of a TV! It’s great that you also use your blog as a teaching tool – I tend to do the same with our Library blog. I’m a little disheartened at the moment because I have to move our Library blog from Global Student to Edublogs and it’s going to be a LOT of work re-embedding things.

    The clustrmap dots are a big motivator with our students too and they love to see where our visitors have come from.

    Your Art room looks inspiring!

    Kim 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Kim. It is quite uplifting to receive blog comments so thank you for your thoughtfulness. The TV was a dream come true as the Art Room was on the bottom of the school’s list of IWB priorities. It’s worked out better actually. The picture quality is SO much better and hence, it’s a better teaching tool. The task of transferring all your Blog files to another site would be too daunting for me. I guess slowly does it and don’t stress are the keys to the process.
    Good Luck and many thanks again,

  3. Wow, TV can also be very useful. I mean, let’s face it, kids are now dependent on TVs. So it would be interesting to teach them through TV. I know my little girl prefers TV than boards.

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