Reflecting on the end of the School Holidays


I’ve had a busy but thoroughly enjoyable School Holiday. I took the chance to join the Teacher Challenge, enlarged my Personal Learning Network via Twitter and read and commented upon many Blogs. I’ve learnt so much  during the past six weeks that I’m  concerned that going back to school might slow down my learning. I’m even more concerned that some of our students might be thinking the same way. I  aim to make our Visual Arts classroom one which encourages more individual exploration this year. I hope that we will focus on our small part of  the incredible amount of learning happening in and out of schools throught the World and that we will explore new ways of showcasing it on our Blog and connecting with others.
I took this photo on  a Kingfisher Cruise on the Murray River in the Barmah Forest in Northern Victoria, Australia. The trees are River Red Gums.

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