Where in the World?

Last year my older  daughter,  Kate, and my son, John, visited China. A highlight of their trip was seeing the  endangered Pandas at the Panda Research Reserve in Chengdu.  A lot closer to home, I visited Ballarat Wildlife Park and was pleased to be able to get up close to a Koala which is one of Australia’s endangered animals. It was a very wet day at the Park but that didn’t daunt the enthusiastic Kangaroos (from Kangaroo Island) who love to be hand fed and didn’t mind me patting their soggy fur. Wherever you are in the World, Ballarat Wildlife Park is worth a visit next time you come to Australia.




3 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. Dear Mrs. Osborn,

    Your trip to the animal park was amazing! I hope someday I might be able to go there too. The animals are so cute. We sometime go to the zoo, but they don’t allow us to feed and touch the animals. My favorite animal is the panda. We have a plastic panda in our classroom.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.


  2. Hello again Miriam,
    You are such a great writer in response to my Blog comments that I would like to show the students from my Art Classes and some of the teachers too. I hope that you come to Australia in the future and that your dream to pat some of our animals will come true. I have found that through consistent hard work we can make our dreams come true. One of my dreams was to visit the USA. I have done so several times over the past 15 years but now dream to do so again.
    Since it is one of your favourite animals I would like to send you some great Panda photos taken by my son and daughter last year in China. Let me know whether it’s OK to email them to you,
    Best Wishes, Yvonne Osborn

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