Flora and Fauna

The folder these three photos were in was entitled “Flora and Fauna” so I made that the title of the post. The  fascinating passion fruit flower was on a vine in a lane off Portobello Road in London. The holly berries were in a lane near Castlegregory, Ireland and the  photo of the tiny bird was taken in  St. Fiachra’s Garden, Kildare, Ireland.




IMG_2274 bird 

3 thoughts on “Flora and Fauna

  1. hey mrs osborn

    its merisa u might remeber me from 6js old class. i love the new pics u posted. i really miss tlps. so far i am hating highschool hope to come soon and visit.

    bye for now, merisa

  2. Hello Merisa,
    Thanks SO much for your Blog comment. I certainly remember you and all the wonderful work you did in Grade 5 and 6. I hope that as time goes on you will get used to High School and even begin to enjoy it. Change is hard for us all. I can remember my own first experiences of Secondary School, and it was a Boarding School so I couldn’t go home at night. You would be most welcome to call in and see us at TLPS. Thanks again for the comment and keep smiling,
    Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn.

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