The Wonder of a Wander

Last Friday, on my day off, I volunteered to take some photographs throughout our school for our new school website. Although time didn’t permit a visit to each room I felt privileged to get the opportunity to  wander through the school to see our students and teachers at work. I have chosen three photos  from the many which relate to Visual Arts . Our big screen TV, which we use as a monitor in the Art Room, has made an enormous difference to the way in which Glenys and I deliver Art lessons.The photographs are  much clearer than  on any of our school’s Interactive Whiteboards. It enables us and the students to use ICT in displaying  our work and finding out about Art and the World. Our Blog is about to have its 10,000th visitor which makes us  very proud. The front  entrance of our school is a “cool ” place worthy of a photo as is our extremely busy Art Room at work. The students were creating Junk Sculptures and took no notice of the camera.


































4 thoughts on “The Wonder of a Wander

  1. We like school because it is fun .We like painting at Art and visiting the blog.We like the games most, especially the Drips and the Mixing Room.

  2. We like visiting the blog and we like the photographs that Mrs osborn takes. We think she is good at her job. We also like the game Drips and the Mixing Game. We think that they are the best art games.Christian 4CD

  3. We like visiting the TLPS art blog. Ms Osborn always shows us new games and it’s reallly fun. I like playing Drips and making Tartans, my class love these games as well I like art it’s really fun! From Christine N 4CD 🙂

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