Taylors Lakes Primary School Celebrates 20 years

Saturday’s Celebration/ Reunion was well attended and the weather was kind as we caught up with past students, teachers and families from the past twenty years.

The Birthday cake, made by Jay, a parent at our school, was attractive and delicious.  We  also planted a commemorative tree, a weeping cherry,  just outside the Art Room in our courtyard. It was a memorable occasion.



2 thoughts on “Taylors Lakes Primary School Celebrates 20 years

  1. Hello there! I am a 6th grade teacher in Pennsylvania, USA. I have been checking out other teachers’ sites for ideas and I came across yours. It looks great. Check out our site some time. I am new to this, but my kids love getting comments from people around the world. Happy blogging!

  2. HI its Miki from Pams class

    That looked like a very yummy cake. Congratulations for your schools 20th year. Your school is young compared to some.


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