Happy Australia Day

With  the weather forecast  for 28C or around 84F  we have a sunny day to celebrate our National Day here in Australia. I am posting some photos I took on my visit to central Victoria over the past week. The flowers are Everlasting daisies, taken in very windy conditions, and the wood carvings are done by using a chainsaw on pine logs. The characters are a soldier, a sailor, an airman and a nurse from World War 1.They are in Epsom, Victoria, at the rear of the Public Hall. Hidden treasures by Chainsaw Artist John Brady.

2 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

  1. Hi Yvonne…enjoying your pictures of your art travels! The flower picture is so nice to see, especially since the view outside my Michigan window is snow, snow, snow….we are ready for spring flowers here. I see that you and your students do quite a bit of “junk sculpture” my students enjoy making art from “junk” too. I keep a “dead marker” box in my art room….when we get enough old markers, pencil stubs, and broken paintbrushes in the box, it is time to create a new treasure from our goodie box! -Josey B.

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