Hats off to Holidays

Our  Summer holidays continue until January 28th so I thought I’d add some photos which I have taken over the past couple of years. These papermache hats were made by Grade 2 students. They are based on a margarine tub as the crown and thick cardboard as the brim.These are strongly joined with masking tape before being papermached, painted and decorated. Lots of fun was had when the toys came to school to try on their new hats.

2 thoughts on “Hats off to Holidays

  1. Congratulations on your terrific blog (which I learned about through Australian Edubloggers). It is lovely to see the children’s artwork and I’m sure they take great pride in sharing it online:).
    Enjoy the holidays,
    Lisa Hill, Mossgiel Park PS, Endeavour Hills.

  2. Wow! I miss being a kid. These are cute, creative crafts. I’m very sure the kids had a fun time adding details to their hats. The feathers and ribbon scraps make a finer design. I didn’t realize that margarine can be used for papier mache.

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