Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe






Our Grade 5 and 6 students have been painting this Term. Using Student Acrylic paints they mixed a myriad of colours and using Georgia O’Keeffe’s premise that they liked to see where the paint took them, they set of to paint flowers and other objects.
Congratulations to all our fabulous artists in Grade 5 and 6.
Next stop – Andy Warhol.


Welcome Back Everyone

Our Prep students  enjoyed making their paper plate clowns during Term 3 in 2013. Pictured are just a few of the happy clowns who left the Art Room, bouncing along on their concertina-folded legs. These students are beginning Grade 1 this week. It will be great to catch up with them in Art classes during 2014 and watch their physical and artistic growth.  We hope you have a great year in Art  in 2014 everyone.








Grade 6 Teddy Bears










Our Grade 6 students used the Zart Calico Bear Blanks to dye, decorate and dress their own bear in an original style. They used food dyes to colour them and sprinkled salt onto the fabric while wet to obtain interesting effects. Each bear was unique and  will be a lasting reminder of Primary School Art classes. I thank the Class of 2013 for their great creativity and hard work and wish them all the very best for the future.

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The Art of the USA


















I have just returned from three weeks of travel in the USA. My husband ran the New York Marathon which is a “marathon effort” for him, having run the 42 kilometres (or 26.2 miles) five times now.  After leaving New York we spent over a week in Washington DC visiting the Smithsonian Museums and the Library of Congress. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time viewing the priceless art collections. I particularly liked standing in front of the portraits in the  National Portrait Gallery and wondering about the lives the people led so long ago. The photo of the three bears sculpture is a special gift for our Prep students. Which picture is your favourite?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Grade 1KG


Our Grade One students made a stuffed stocking version of the well known character “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” from the Eric Carle book. They fringed some paper to create long grass, used pink packing foam for the slice of watermelon and cup cake “patty pans” for great 3D cupcakes. I’m sure you’ll agree that this caterpillar looks like  it’s ready to enjoy such tasty treats.

School Holidays in Sydney






In Victoria, Australia we are half way through a two week break  from school before Term 4 begins for 2013.  So far I have visited the Royal Melbourne Show and had the wonderful opportunity of spending three days in sunny Sydney. I took my long-time friend and two Rotary Youth Exchange Students, Alexandra from Finland and Agatha from Brazil to show them some of the brilliant sights Sydney has to offer.  We took a Ferry ride to Manly, visited Darling Harbour and watched the many boats passing by our waterfront hotel the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour. We enjoyed a magnificent view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and  we were very close to the Sydney Opera House. One morning we found that a cruise ship, the Carnival Spirit, had docked opposite our hotel.  I hope that Taylors Lakes Primary School students  and  other Blog Visitors will tell us about their holiday experiences. We hope you like the colourful horse ( or is it a zebra?) we spotted in Manly. Why do you think  taking a photo of the green ferry “Friendship” was important to me?

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Preps Like Peggy












We read the Australian Book Council’s shortlisted picture story book “Peggy” by Anna Walker to our Prep students recently. They loved the story which is about a black hen  ( Peggy) who is blown by a strong wind from her comfortable hen house in the suburbs to the inner city of Melbourne. They particularly loved the adventures she had trying out products in the shops. The  oversized underpants were their real favourite. In response to the story the students made a collage which featured Peggy, the sunflowers, the hen house and the city buildings.



Mixing Colours, Making Jungles.




Our Prep students spent some time in Term Two mixing colours and painting  a jungle. Blue and yellow were mixed to create leafy jungles, butterflies were made by “squashing” primary colours and black and white were mixed to create sturdy  grey elephants.
We made use of the NGA Kids website which features an interactive jungle.

Tribal Masks by Grade Five












Our Grade 5 students used natural hessian (burlap) soaked in PVA glue and water laid over plastic mask molds to create these face shapes. When they were dry they were painted using earthy colours and decorated using a variety of great materials purchased from our favourite art supplier Zart. The students were encouraged to use sewing as well as gluing to hold on the beads etc. The frames were custom made for us by Daniel whose business “Images To Go” is just down the street from our school.

Winter’s Here




It’s the first day of Winter here in Australia.  It’s not snowing ( it rarely does in suburban Melbourne) but the  weather is damp and miserable, a great time for writing and reading Blog posts. While my fellow Art teacher is holidaying in Europe I have had the pleasure of taking her Grade Two classes on a Friday. Yesterday the students added  some collage to last week’s stencil printed snowmen. They had a wonderful time imagining such characters as Snow families, Ninja snowmen and even famous snow people who had the red carpet rolled out for them. A piece of red ribbon inspired that idea. Next week we will complete the pictures and begin to plan our 3D snow people.