Puppets’ Big Day Out






Our Grade 3 students used 3 sheets of newspaper, a cardboard roll, masking tape and wallpaper paste to create paper mache “Monster” puppets.  The puppets were painted with water colour paints and coated with glitter paint before being dressed in bold fabrics and threads. Each will have a story to tell. I hope to publish some “Monster adventures” on this blog soon.


Mixed Media – “What makes a rainbow?”

IMG_0037-001 IMG_0038 IMG_0039   IMG_0058 (1)

Our Foundation Students were very busy  during Term 1 creating their version of the book “What makes a rainbow?” It was a mixed media activity using water colour painting, collage and stamping and including skill development in tearing, cutting and pasting, brush use and colour mixing. Congratulations to their Art teacher, Mrs Klepkas, for her ideas and the photography and to all the Foundation students for their great art work.

Drawing Imaginary Animals

IMG_8288 IMG_8289 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8261 IMG_8280

Our Grade 3 students were inspired by an exercise in Carla Sonheim’s book “Drawing Imaginary Animals”. They drew curved lines across their paper  many times before searching for the “creatures” hidden there.

Grade 6 Masks 2014








This year’s Paper Mache masks were different from those done in previous years even though the Grade 6 students looked through photographs of masks on, Google Images,  Pinterest and on our Blog. They were completely absorbed by the process and are to be congratulated upon their achievements. I am disappointed that I didn’t obtain titles for the masks. Hopefully they will let me know via a Blog comment. All the best for Secondary School next year everyone.

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Fairytale Castles











IMG_7335 IMG_7336



Our Foundation students have just completed a Mixed Media work based around a cardboard castle. I couldn’t find the black food dye so our castles ended up being very colourful and this was a great idea. Grey would have been dull in comparison. Collage princes, princesses, kings, queens, knights and dragons all made appearances in this delightful work which I photographed hanging proudly in the FEH and FSV classrooms. Congratulations to all our Foundation students. You will soon be in Grade 1.

Still Life – Printing by Grade 3










 Our Grade 3 students were inspired by the artwork of  French Artist Paul Cezanne and the NGA Kids Still Life Interactive which is fun to use. They cut out their own paper stencils and used oil pastels to print a range of objects on black paper for arrangement as a “Still Life”. We glossed the oil pastel to avoid smudging. Congratulations to the students whose work is featured here.

Prep Owls – Giving a hoot


A retiring puppet manufacturer gave us some plastic eyes which were ideal for owls. Our Prep students watched the DVD entitled “Owl Babies” by Martin Wadell and then used paper cutting and fringing techniques to create their own owls. They look wonderful displayed in classrooms, quietly watching over our students. You might like to try some of the owl craft ideas on Pinterest.

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Bob the sock monkey – Made with love by Erin and her Mum


It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Bob, the sock monkey. He was carefully stitched by a talented Grade 3 student, Erin and her Mum during our recent School Holidays. They used the How to Make a Sock Monkey video on YouTube as a guide and two old socks. Congratulations Erin. We are very proud of you, your mum and Bob. I hope he has lots of great monkey adventures with you and your family.

Stuffed Toys Rule




In Term 3 our Grade 6 students were given the freedom to create stuffed toys or cushions, make sculptures using balsa wood or  to decorate skateboards. Many threw themselves into the task and made up to four toys whilst others enjoyed experimenting with ideas and materials. We found great YouTube videos to help us and our two new sewing machines received lots of attention. Many students had never had the opportunity to use a machine let alone how to thread it from the start or wind a bobbin. I thoroughly enjoyed the project based nature of the work and see it as a great idea, especially for older elementary students.

Grade 6 – Sewing, Sewing, Sewing




Our Grade 6 students were given some ideas for Project based Art this Term. Three students completed their characters and cushions at home. Congratulations go to Sandy, Kristy and Yamandu for their great work. The monkey was made from two socks using the instructions from the YouTube video “How to make a Sock Monkey”. We chose the Quick Guide ( 4 minutes 51 seconds).

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