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Welcome to the page for 4DC. Our Teacher is Mr Christiano.






 March 2013 – The above artworks were inspired by Eric Carle’s artwork. They were made  by 4DC students under the expert direction of our Pre Service Teacher Carol Blandthorn. Congratulations everyone. Eric Carle would be proud of you. Well done too for your persistence. Tearing paper takes patience.


Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Our Class Page.   We are leaving Gino’s pictures from last year because is an outstanding  artist. He is now in Grade 5AR.

We are wondering how long it takes you  to do this jigsaw of the coloured pencils ?

Click to Mix and Solve

Hello my name is Gino. This is my drawing which I made on computer. Please don’t copy/trace or steal this picture. Advance thank you 🙂



 (Gino draws the picture, then his Mum scans it and he works on the colours, shadows etc in Photoshop. Congratulations Gino from Mrs Osborn.)




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  2. Nice page, it rocks. Gino your drawing is the best I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ART RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Ben,
    I’m glad that you like Gino’s drawings.I am also pleased that you wrote to him via the Blog. I hope that you will continue to write messages and even write some poems or short stories to add to your Class Page.
    Very best wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  4. Hello Pesiny,
    Thank you for your Blog comments. I’m sure Gino will be pleased that you have made the effort to give him feedback about his outstanding work. I am looking forward to seeing his final draft of his three page comic strip. I’m sure that people will like your Class Page. I think they’ll like it even more when we add some more art work, some photos and some poems etc.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.


  6. I’m truly very proud of my son’s talent as an artist, which he inherited from his Dad! I would like to thank his school for giving him recognition for all his efforts. Keep it up, Gino! Your family is truly very proud of you and we love you so much!

  7. Dear Mrs Ninon,
    Thank you for your Blog comment. It is so pleasing to see your interest in Gino’s passion for drawing. We are so excited by his work that it is a pleasure to highlight it. It is your support of his interest which helps him to shine.
    Very Best Wishes and Thanks from
    Yvonne Osborn
    Visual Arts, Taylors Lakes Primary School.

  8. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your Blog comments. I’m sure Gino will be very happy when he sees them.He is helping several other students with their drawing which shows how thoughtful he is by sharing his learning and skills. Maybe we should ask him for some of his Drawing secrets.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  9. You have a wonderful work of art, Gino! I’m proud of you…Me and the rest of the clan… Keep it up!

  10. Hello class,
    Our page is the best out of all of them and I can’t wait to paint Mali the elephant. She is so cute. :):):):)!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello Gino,
    My mum and dad think your drawings are amazing.Mum thinks your drawings could be the drawings in an animated film.Gino keep up your amazing work. Good luck :-).

  12. Hello Lap and Kunashe,
    I am glad you like 4CD’s page on our Blog. Gino’s drawing is outstanding. I wrote a post on him called Gino’s Genius because he is so talented. He makes up his own characters and sometimes his classmates give him ideas for others. I think John is a bull which Gino coloured in Photoshop.
    I will show the Grade 4CD’s your message tomorrow at Art.
    Best Wishes and Thanks from
    Mrs Osborn, Visual Arts Teacher, Taylors Lakes Primary School.

  13. Hi Guys,
    This is the gang from 4AA. We want to say great work Gino and to the people who made this blog it is a great effort with the dog. Good luck with making it any better when it is so good.

  14. On behalf of Gino, I, his Mum, would like to thank everyone who posted good comments about his artworks. My family is so happy and we appreciated all the compliments said. My family would also like to give our sincerest gratitude to Mrs. Osborn, Visual Arts Teacher of TLPS for her support to Gino and all her students. God bless us all!

  15. Dear Evangeline,
    Thank you so much for your Blog comments. It is such a pleasure to have Gino in the Art Classes. He inspires his classmates and has them all drawing. He encourages and helps fellow students to improve their drawing and because he is so modest and kind we all admire and respect him. It must be a great honour to be his parents as it is an honour for me to be his Art Teacher this year.
    Very Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn

  16. Gino your drawings are the best I’ve ever seen so far. They have a really big difference between the sketched and the ones on photo shop.!!!!

  17. Hey Gino your drawings are the best!! You should show them to a professional or some one, and put them in the local news paper!!! OR PUT THEM ON 7 NEWS AND THE REPORTERR WILL SAY

  18. Hello Emily,
    It was great that you wrote to give Gino extra encouragement. I am wondering what the best way is to share Gino’s talent with the World? He certainly inspires us in 4CD and in the Art Room. I’m sure he will be discovered by Disney or another of the big cartoon Movie Makers. The sky will be the limit for him and we wish him well.
    Thank you to you on three levels; one, for encouraging others, two, for commenting on our Blog and three, for being such a wonderful worker, thinker and helper in the Art Room.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  19. Hi, Emily Stevanoski! I am Gino’s Mum and I would like to thank you for your good comments about Gino’s artworks. As his mother, I am flattered and truly proud that many people admire him, too! Thank you for your compliments and I’m sure Gino will appreciate everything that you’ve said and will even become more inspired to improve his craft. Thanks again and God bless!

  20. Hello, Mrs. Osborn! Once again, I would like to thank you for your good comments about my son Gino’s talent as an artist. I am very flattered to know that you have high hopes for him. I also wish that one day he will be discovered by Disney and eventually will have a good career using his God-given talent. Thank you so much for everything and more power! May God bless us all!

    Mrs. Ninon


  22. Dear Mrs Ninon,
    I was pleased that you took the time to view our Blog and to reply to Emily’s post. It is uplifting for me as I am trying to encourage Blog reading and writing. As yet it is still seen by students and parents as something relatively new. Parent encouragement, along with that of the Teacher is a great motivator for students. Gino’s classmates and teachers are fortunate to have him as a part of our great TLPS community. We are very grateful too for your ongoing support.
    Many Thanks and Best Wishes from Yvonne Osborn.

  23. Dear Sandy,
    Your drawings are the best!!! You should also show them to a professional.. Everybody that is reading in my comment, go to the home page of this site, find Sandy’s pic’s and you’ll be astonished by her great pictures.

  24. Dear Emily,
    Thank you once again for giving your fellow Grade 4 students great feedback on their drawings. I’m sure they will be pleased as encouragement is something we can all use to help us continue to work well and to make us feel good about our efforts.
    I look forward to seeing some of your drawings soon.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn

  25. Dear Gino,

    We love your drawing of the David picture. It looks amazing.

    From Melanie and Lilli

  26. Dear Lilli and Melanie,
    Thank you for leaving some comments for Gino. He and his family love to receive them and I hope that he might write back to you.He has a few new characters which I hope he allows me to post soon.
    I hope he will inspire you to practise your drawing as he does with our students.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  27. Dear Gino,
    I really like your drawings.I think it was the bird that you drew it looks awesome!You could be a illustrator when you grow up.You have the best drawings I ever know.You are even better than me and I wish I was as good as you.I am going to ask Mrs Osborn to take photos of my drawings and you can then see.When I ask Mrs Osborn she will take and I will send you a message.

  28. Dear Tamanna,
    It was very kind of you to write to Gino about his drawings. He loves to receive feedback from fellow students. He is very talented and so are you. The flowers you painted on Mali’s foot are beautifully done. I will take some photos of your drawings as soon as possible.
    Keep up the excellent work,
    Best Wishes from
    Mrs Osborn.

  29. Dear 4CD,
    Your pet Spike is so cute! Did you know that it is Mrs Mcmarn’s birthday today? Well I am not sure that this is how to spell her name. My grandma came to Australia from India yesterday. Sorry Gino,I again forgot to tell Mrs Osborn to take a picture of my drawing.
    By 4CD
    Have a lovely holiday and I can’t wait until I see your new drawings!

  30. Hey Gino and Sandy, your drawings are both very different but they are both fantastic drawings.I like your drawings very much and my family thinks you are both wonderful and fantastic at drawing.Keep up the good work Gino and Sandy. Here is a clap for both of you 👏. 👍work. 😃😄☺😊😌😉

  31. Hello Mrs Osborn, our wonderful art teacher that is a beautiful and great artist, thanks for all you support this year to our class. I’m sure our class will and has appreciated all the support you have given us. Hello Mrs Vella, you have also been wonderful to our class when Mrs Osborn has been away. You’re also a great art teacher and you are beautiful and great artist.😃😄😊☺😉😌🌟✨👍🌀Thank you Mrs Osborn and Mrs Vella for you support. I’m sure 4CD our class has appreciated it as much as I have so a very big thank you from me.

  32. Dear Georgina,
    Thank you for your very kind comments. Both Mrs Vella and I really enjoy working with your Class, 4CD, in the Art Room. We agree that you are enthusiastic, thoughtful and very creative students. Congratulations to you all on your fantastic Artwork and help in 2012 and thank you to you all for your great support. Please pass this message on to your great Class Teacher, Miss Davies as I’m sure she will be very proud of you and your Class.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn 🙂

  33. Dear Georgina,
    Thank you to you and your family for your great encouragement for Gino and Sandy. They are extremely talented and have been inspiring us all year. You are also a talented artist so keep up the wonderful work. I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn more about drawing from you all.
    I congratulate you and all of 4CD on your love of Learning.
    Very Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  34. Hi Alex,
    I am glad you like our Blog. We have wonderful students at Taylors Lakes Primary School so it’s easy to find great work to photograph and display. Many of our students find the Art Games page a lot of fun as there’s so much to do.
    Thank you for your visit and for your comments. They are greatly appreciated,
    Best Regards,
    Yvonne Osborn, Visual Arts Teacher, Taylors Lakes Primary School, Melbourne, Australia.

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