Grade 4AQ

Welcome to our Class page. Our teacher is Miss Quilty.

5 thoughts on “Grade 4AQ

  1. Hello Grade 4 AQ. I think you all worked really well today.The fish look fantastic.
    Best Wishes from Mrs Osborn.

  2. Hi Miss Osborn I’m Simarjit. I saw the masks and I tried making it. I will show it to you on Friday when we have art. Bye Miss Osborn.

  3. Dear Simarjit,
    I am glad you liked the masks I showed you on the blog. I am really looking forward to seeing your mask and your painting this week.
    Very best wishes from Mrs. Osborn.

  4. Hi Mrs Osborn its me Anastasia it was great at art l loved making the masks they were brillant l enjoyed making them.HAPPY EASTER MRS OSBORN l hope you are safe have a good easter. From Anastasia 4AQ.

  5. Thank you so much for your blog comments and kind wishes Anastasia. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the Mask Making. Your masks looked great. I hope to take some photos of them for the Blog today. Mrs Vella and I are planning for Term 2. I hope you will also enjoy the ideas we come up with.
    Best Wishes for the rest of the School Holidays from Mrs Osborn.

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